Simple way to make your journey more comfortable

HighPass is a global distribution system that allows you to reserve and pay for relevant airport services in a few clicks. With its help, the passengers get quick quality service and the airports, agencies and ticket aggregators increase their income.

Think about the time when you did not have the opportunity to reserve a hotel room online. You had to call the reception in hopes of available rooms, agree on checking-in with not always nice personnel and experience many inconveniences. Now you just need to click a few times. We think that the services at the airports deserve the same convenient and available reservation system.

HighPass is a unique online service that offers reservation of the following services:
  • vip service
  • business lounge
  • fast track

This list will be extended in the future, giving the opportunity to reserve all airport services online.


Taking into consideration the experience of e-commerce technologies introduction, the connection of an online service increases the number of users by 2-3 times. The number of tickets sold has increased by the same number after they became available online. At the same time, we do not charge for the connection.


Why is it convenient for the airports?

  • Increase in sales via online reservation system.
  • IT-solution does not require investments and it is ready for integration with your website today.
  • Opportunity to create new services that previously seemed difficult to promote was implemented.
  • Services are available on partner websites; it increases the number of orders by times.
  • Additional income from the sale of services of other airports.

Why is it convenient for the passengers?

  • Order and pay for services online 24/7.
  • Services are available on the websites of the airports, agencies and ticket aggregators.
  • E-voucher for reservation will be sent to your e-mail.

We are looking forward to cooperating with you!